Comic 162 - Reporting from Blotkov Castle

Posted on 7th Jun 2018, 10:22 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Reporting from Blotkov Castle
Panel 1: An outside view of one of the castle turrets.
Voice: This is WBC News Channel reporting from Blotkov Castle...
Panel 2: inside the WBC studio. A wolfman interviewer sits in a comfy chair holding a hand microphone as two other wolfmen hold up a lighting rig over him.
Interviewer: And we'd like to ask the widely famous Countess Alcydia...
Panel 3: Zoomed-out wide view of the studio. The wolfman interviewer is talking to countess Alcydia, who sits silhouetted behind a desk.
Interviewer: How would you describe your project?
Panel 4: Alcydia, her face now visible, sits and thinks for a moment.
Panel 5:
Alcydia: Kidnapped princesses used to be...
Panel 6: Close-up of Alcydia's face, her expression devious.
ALcydia: ...just a small-scale home crafts business for hayseed trolls.
Panel 7: Outside view of the castle as Alcydia's voice rings out over the air.
Panel 8: Outside view of another part of the castle, showing windows in the wall in which captive princesses are sitting, looking bored and annoyed.
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