Comic 159 - Racing through the forest

Posted on 4th Jun 2018, 10:20 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Racing through the forest
No dialogue throughout.
Panel 1: A horse-drawn carriage is racing through the woods. It is manned by two wolfmen. In the back of the carriage is what looks like a coffin.
Panel 2: One of the wolfmen cracks a whip. In the background, another carriage can be seen careening down the same road.
Panel 3: Three carriages race towards a castle.
Panel 4: The carriages stop before the castle.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 4th Jun 2018, 10:20 AM edit delete
We're back with a longer story! This one has been in the works for 20 years but in 2017, work on it finally speeded up. In fact, Geir and Daniel have been hard at work on several stories, one of which is also complete. We'll be updating daily until that story, and this one, are complete, and after that we will continue to update daily if there is a complete story for us to publish after that.

To make this possible, I (Reinder) will be ediiting these comics with a very light touch, correcting only typos and smudges before creating the web-formatted files.

One thing I will be putting more work into is transcriptions; those will be more detailed, because they are now available on the pages themselves for the benefit of people with vision disabilities using a screen reader.

While we're here, you can follow us on Facebook at Chronicles of the Witch Queen. For now, this is the only social media account dedicated to Chronicles of the Witch Queen, but there may be more later.