Comic 157 - The Baron is moving on in the art world.

Posted on 3rd Dec 2017, 7:24 AM in The Barony Papers
The Baron is moving on in the art world.
Caption: The Baron is moving on in the art world. He has developed an acquired taste.
The baronial magnifying glass is over a female butt in a painting.

Caption: His keen sight focuses on volume and weight.
A small forklift, driven by a wolfman, is required to take a huge female torso to its destination as the Baron watches.

Caption: His latest trophy is to be transported to the toppermost tower of his castle.
An army of wolfmen carry the torso up.

Caption: With devastating...
The torso is installed on one of the floors of the Baron's castle, which promptly starts tearing up.

Caption: ...results.!
The tower splits in two.

Caption: But once more, the Baron rises from the rubble.
The Baron crawls out from under the torso.

Caption: Rough and ready for new adventures in the art world and elsewhere!
The Baron sits in a wheel chair on the beach with an arm and a leg in a cast. Around him, women in bikinis play beach volleyball.
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