Comic 150 - The Baron is restless...

Posted on 18th Jun 2017, 11:52 AM in The Barony Papers
The Baron is restless...
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel looks in a mirror.
Baron: I feel fine. I'm a sharp dressed man. I have no apparent signs of ageing. My castle is awesome, so is the cash flow.
Outside, a dragon flies around the Baron's castle tower.
Baron: So what's wrong with this picture?
The Baron paces through his room, wearing a circular rut in his floor.
Baron: Do I need a new look? A brave adventure? Have I become too set in my ways? Too predict-
The dragon attacks spitting fire.
The Baron and the dragon fight.
An ambulance rides out.
The baron is in a hospital bed, in casts, in tractionad on a drip feed. With his remaining good hand, he motions towards a nurse's posterior.
Baron: I feel fine
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 18th Jun 2017, 11:52 AM edit delete
Hey, it's new material that hasn't been published online before! The Barony Papers is a series of one-pagers from 2012 and later showing scenes from the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel's everyday life. I don't know yet how many Geir and Daniel made. Possibly up to a dozen but I've got five finished pages in my possession.
These will be getting a very light editing touch from me: all I do is crop, adjust levels and shrink to the final format. Everything else will be as-is with no grammar corrections or other editorial input. These are best with their original raw feel intact.