Comic 149 - Adventure, Page 2

Posted on 17th Jun 2017, 6:03 PM in Adventure
Adventure, Page 2
Geir: Hmmm, a short circuit again.
Anne-Kristin: Oh well... the electrician should have been here last Friday.
Alcydia: Hee hee. That seemed to puzzle our inventor.
Wolfman: Inventor?

Alcydia: Sure. He's a computer scientist and fantasy writer. That's him allright.
Wolfman: Is that so. What about her?
Alcydia: His wife, of course. She's a composer, writer, librarian and what have you.
Wolfman: That's one creative couple! By the way, what a mouth-watering smell... must be Pecan pie!
Alcydia: Or maybe just plain Maryland cookies! Dang! Let's investigate...
Alcydia and the Wolfman vanish through a wall.
Alcydia: ... the kitchen!
Anne-Kristin: Look at these leaves dancing... I think winter's coming pretty soon.
Geir: Right... fancy some tea?
Anne-Kristin: That sounds lovely, dear.
Geir swears from the kitchen.
Geir: The cakes are gone!
Anne-Kristin: That dratted cat! Oh well, there's plenty more in the fridge...
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