Comic 146 - Vestal Virgins

Posted on 14th Jun 2017, 6:51 PM in Courtly Manners
Vestal Virgins
Alcydia: Th-that was them!
Elspeth: Those two vestal virgins? Honestly, we expected painted jezebels, from your description of them.
Gu∂rún. The countess does seem to have a lively imagination.
Elspeth: Indeed. We are sure whatever really happened last night was merely the youthful high spirits of two pure-hearted country maids who suddenly found themselves at a slightly raucous party. We all know these can get a bit wild sometimes. RRRRight, countess?
Alcydia (thinks): You'll pay for this, Gu∂rún!
Elspeth: Let girls be girls. You're only young once, we always say!(*)
Footnote: Note: when the Queen says this, she is talking about other people. Queen Elspeth has been young several times, although the last time was obviously a long time ago.
Outside the girls'bedroom in the corridor.
Gu∂rún: Girls, I owe you an apology.
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