Comic 144 - The débutantes' introduction starts

Posted on 12th Jun 2017, 6:38 PM in Courtly Manners
The débutantes' introduction starts
Elspeth: Bring on the debutantes!
A lackey introduces the massed debutantes, one by one.
Lackey: Princess Jarah bint Iznobezzer of Araby! Princess Violet of the Undercity!
Kel: Those people in the circle don't look witchy to me.
Lackey: Bug-eyed Cunegonde of Uppsala! Screaming Sally O'Brien of Ballykinlicky!
Krakatoa: Most of them are courtiers bearing ceremonial brooms.
Kel: Aha. Show me again how to curtsey.
Lackey: Zinzi Mbelele! Chaka Nkosen! Kel Mánsdottir of Clwyd-Rhan! Krakatoa Heklúdottir of Wittenberg!
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