Comic 142 - THUD, entrails for entrees for embarrassment

Posted on 10th Jun 2017, 6:24 AM in Courtly Manners
THUD, entrails for entrees for embarrassment
Kel and Krakatoa are back in their bedroom with Gu∂rún. They're wrapped in their towels and look very ashamed of themselves.
Gu∂rún: Tut tut tut.
Gu∂rún exits, slamming the door behind her.
Kel: We did go too far, didn't we?
Krakatoa: We embarrassed her in front of her enemies!
Kel: We broke the queen's no nudity rule.
Krakatoa: And the official ceremony is tomorrow! We're to be formally introduced to the court! They'll shout out our names and everything!
Kel: We could flee.
Krakatoa: That would only make it worse. We're gonna have to face it. But if we don't behave... the Duchess will have our entrails for entrées!
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