Comic 133 - Skyclad is out of style, and enemies.

Posted on 1st Jun 2017, 6:18 PM in Courtly Manners
Skyclad is out of style, and enemies.
Caption: 1001 A.A. After a long journey, Duchess Gu∂rún, Kel and Krakatoa arrive at the Witch Queen's Palace in the Fabled Undercity...
Gu∂rún, Kel and Krakatoa are led through the Undercity by a lackey.
Gu∂rún: Now, remember, girls... this is a court sabbath. You are guests of the Witch Queen at my request, and will be formally introduced to her during the Ceremony. Since you don't have any political aims, it should be fun. But there will be a few rules: First, try to keep some clothes on. Skyclad's been out of style ever since the Queen got herself an honest magic mirror. That includes the pool parties, although you can bend the rules a bit there. Second, I do have political aims. Try not to embarrass me in front of Countess Alcydia or any other of my old enemies... and try not to make me any new ones.
Lackey: Your room, ladies!

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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 1st Jun 2017, 6:18 PM edit delete
Courtly Manners was made in the summer of 2003 after Reinder was asked to provide a temporary replacement for Pewfell on the subscription website Modern Tales, while Chuck Whelon of Pewfell was on vacation. Reinder wrote and drew a Chronicles of the Witch Queen story that followed up the Gu∂rún/Alcydia storyline with another one featuring characters from his Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic in combination with the main COTWQ cast of characters invented by Geir and Daniel. He asked Jeroen Jager to color it; artist SIdsel Genee inked some of the pages, and within a matter of weeks, the whole thing was in the can. This led to a longer association with Modern Tales and the related site Graphic Smash for both artists. Unfortunately, the subscription experiment eventually ended and the sites disappeared. From the Modern Tales family of sites, however, came the webcomics platform WebcomicsNation, on which all the COTWQ comics were reposted until that site, too, disappeared. Courtly Manners still exists in the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archives, but this rerun on ComicFury is intended as its final trip around the block. Pages have been significantly updated with larger image files, a touch-up of Jeroen's original coloring and new lettering on most of the pages (starting with Page Five).

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