Comic 131 - Gentle reader, let's erase this most embarrassing episode from the chronicle

Posted on 10th Apr 2017, 8:43 PM in Alcydia
Gentle reader, let's erase this most embarrassing episode from the chronicle
A hand from outside the panel covers up the first panel with a roll-down curtain.
Caption: Gentle reader, let's conspire to erase this most embarassing episode from the annals of European witchcraft...

The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is shaking Tamlin's hand. Tamlin is carrying a sack with something in it that struggles.
Caption: ... and instead summarize. Shortly, the Baron and the Rogues went their separate ways.

On the ship, the Baron transports Alcydia in a cage.
Caption: The baron returned to the Undercity.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: ...And that a lady of noble birth would-
Alcydia: But I'm telling you, I'm not- Oh, why bother? Can I have some waffle mix?

In Clwyd-Rhan, Gu∂rún is reunited with the Duke. She is not pleased.
Caption: The Rogues brought the Duchess back to her beloved husband.
Duke: My dearest!
Gu∂rún: Down, you old goat.

In the forest, Krakatoa is doing menial chores while Ragnarok lazes about.
Caption: Krakatoa returned with the Rogues to Clwyd-Rhan, where her education continued.
Ragnarok: ... And afterwards, you can hone my axe, do the dishes, and...

The man with Doctor Frankenstein's body has sleepwalked into America with a group of vikings. Some natives look on in bafflement.
Caption: The little fellow toured the world, followed by doting fans of his unending antics.

The man with the body of Frankenstein's monster sits in a comfy chair in one of the Icelandic homes, surrounded by a wife and children.
Caption: The other creature married a lovely viking mother and raised a horde of polite little berserkers.

The wolfman who carries the brain of Doctor Frankenstein sits at a desk with Ioannes von KIldenbusch and his homunculus, drinking beer and talking business.
Caption: And Doctor Frankenstein went into business with a prosperous medical research company.
Frankenstein: Denn ve are agreed? Deines Homunculus transplantieren into one of my Wolfmänner?
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