Comic 124 - Knockenoutenmacher

Posted on 3rd Apr 2017, 6:39 PM in Alcydia
Alcydia watches the man she believes is Frankenstein run around like a headless chicken. A wolfman in a trenchcoat tries to get her attention.
Monster: Yip! Yip!
Alcydia: Dr. Frankenstein?
Wolfman in trenchcoat (Frankenstein): Hier, Fräulein. Wir have noch an experiment gemacht.

Alcydia jumps onto the operating table. Gu∂rún is already there.
Alcydia: Oh, goody! Practice makes lessons stick. The scalpel, Doctor!

Two wolfmen in scrubs hit Alcydia and Gu∂rún over the head with wooden hammers.
Frankenstein: Be applyink der... vat is der vord... knockenoutenmacher?

Frankenstein goes to his tools.
Frankenstein: NOw... to be infusink der spark of beink to lifeless things at my feet...

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the wolfmen have been resoundingly defeated. The vikings celebrate. Fieffelfalsfaffel and Krakatoa are interrogating a prisoner.
Caption: Meanwhile...
Wolfman: We were under orders! It's not our fault! Blame Mistress Alcydia!
Krakatoa: And she would be where?
Wolfman: In the dungeons! She has the brain transplant stuff there!
Krakatoa: ...Transplant?

The Baron and his men march down the stairs to the dungeons.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: To the rescue, men of Fieffelfalsfaffel! A lady is in danger!
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