Comic 121 - The vikings! The horror! The cracked skulls!

Posted on 31st Mar 2017, 8:18 PM in Alcydia
The vikings! The horror! The cracked skulls!
All combatants look up in horror.
Wolfmen: The vikings!
Viking voices (off-panel): Oh bring back, or skulls cracks, and then there's a battle for meeee!

The vikings strike! A little girl dashes across the battlefield with an axe in her hand, followed by her mother.
Viking 1: The wolves!
Viking 2: Huzzah!
Mother: Get back here now, young lady!
Viking 3: Thçur with th'mangy blond whiskers is mine!

Luckily, the vikings choose sides. They quickly destroy the wolfmen.
SFX: Baff!

The surviving wolfmen slink off back into the castle. The mother has caught up with her unruly daughter and is spanking her.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Our thanks!
Viking 1: Th'pleasure was all ours!
Mother: What did I tell you? No candy or manslaughter after dinner!

Alcydia looks down from the battlements through her binoculars.
Alcydia: DISASTER!

Alcydia paces the floor, drawing and discarding plans as fast as she can.
DRAT! I need a new plan! Quickly!

Fieffelfalsfaffel and his men prepare to capture the castle.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Raise the ladders! Storm the battlements!
Sailor: Er, we've agreed to yield the honour of first blow to you, milord!
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