Comic 119 - Attack!

Posted on 29th Mar 2017, 8:44 PM in Alcydia
The Baron leads his men into attack.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: ATTACK!

Alcydia orders her wolfmen to attack.
Alcydia: ATTACK!

A menacing looking platoon of wolfmen run out of the castle over the drawbridge, armed to the teeth.
Sailor 1: Uh-oh!

On top of the castle, Alcydia cheers on her wolfmen. Krakatoa flies over.
Alcydia: Yes! Yeeees! Hit them harder!
Krakatoa: ? The Countess of Donnerwetter?
Alcydia looks at the battle through binoculars.
Alcydia: Mwahaha! Grind them up, troops! Grind the Baron's men into dust!

Krakatoa lands behind Alcydia and wields the top of her broom like a wand.
Krakatoa (thinks): Here's my chance!
Alcydia: Forward! And make mincemeat of them! We're running low on dog food!

Alydia is hit by a zap from Krakatoa's broom. It startles her badly but otherwise has no ill effects.
Alcydia: EEEEEEEK!

Krakatoa holds up her broom.
Krakatoa: Curses! Forgot to recharge!
Alcydia: Grrrr....
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