Comic 118 - Control over the battlefield - er, house.

Posted on 28th Mar 2017, 8:31 PM in Alcydia
Control over the battlefield - er, house.
Inside the house, a little later. The Baron's men have easily overpowered the wolfmen and are in the process of tying them up. Tamlin and Ragnarok roll out a barrel of beer.
Sailor: Phase one of our brilliant plan completed, Sir Baron!
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Make that 'Field Marshall'. And gather the men.

Outside, the Baron outlines the next stage of the plan. Krakatoa gesticulates frantically.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: We'll attack here... here... here... and everywhere.

Krakatoa holds up her broom.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: What is it, girl?
Krakatoa: Should I scout from the air?

The Baron's men head out. Tamlin and his gang are staying behind, beer in hand.

Sailor: Are you coming?
Tamlin: We'll, er, guard the prisoners.

Soon, the platoon has arrived at Skulduggery Castle.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: There's our target!

As the platoon approach the castle, they notice the wolfs' tails on poles lining the road.

Sailor: Such odd decorations!

On the ramparts, Alcydia is observing the oncoming platoon.
Alcydia: Hee hee, the blubberbrain is heading straight into my trap!

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