Comic 117 - Hup-Two-Three-Four

Posted on 27th Mar 2017, 8:24 PM in Alcydia
The Baron leads his troops out of town towards the outpost. Krakatoa cheers them on. The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan straggle behind.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Hup-two-three-four! Hup-two-three-four!

In the distance, two elderly vikings look on.
VIking 1: The foreigners are heading for Manslaughter Pass again.
Viking 2: And they're quite happy about it. What do they know that we don't?

The vikings go their separate ways for a moment. A third viking, a boy, overhears them.
Viking 1: Where are you going?
Viking 2: Home to grind my axe. I smell manslaughter!
Boy: Oooh!

Soon, a mob of vikings ofrms, including warriors of all ages and small children.
Viking 3: Pillage!
Viking 4: Kill!
Viking 5: Maim!
Viking 6: Loot!
Viking 7: Fight!
Viking 8: At last, something fun to do!

In the outposts, two wolfmen are chilling.
Wolfman 1: What's that noise?
Wolfman 2: You're always hearing things!
Wolfman 1: Seriously, go check!

Wolfman 2: Grmlf! What a waste of time! At this time of the year, there's-

As the wolfman opens the door, a mob of grinning Baronical guards look back at him.
Wolfman 2: EEP!
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