Comic 115 - Snaffling beer in passing, ten points

Posted on 25th Mar 2017, 7:00 PM in Alcydia
Snaffling beer in passing, ten points
Tamlin crosses a mountain bridge in search of beer. He is approaching the house where the wolfmen are posted.
Wolfman 1: Patience, brothers! We'll soon join battle!

Tamlin looks into the window.
Wolfman 1: ...when it's time to attack the embassy!
Tamlin (thinks): Beer!

The wolfmen are clinking their beer mugs together.
Wolfmen: DEATH to the baron and the numbskulls from Clwyd-Rhan!

Tamlin continues to eavesdrop outside.
Wolfman 1: A mate on bootlicking duty heard her frightfulness say that we'll attack as soon as she's done with Duchess Gu∂rún!
Tamlin (thinks): Huh? The Duchess?

While the wolfmen talk among themselves, Tamlin sticks his arm into the window and manages to snatch a beer mug.
Wolfman 2: Still, the wait is getting on my nerves!
Wolfman 3: Shush...

Tamlin pulls back with a beer mug in his hand.
Wolfman 3: ... our horrible lady up at Skullduggery Castle knows what she's doing...
Tamlin (thinks): Skullduggery Castle...

The wolfmen look at the table.
Wolfman 3: Hey, where's my beer?
Wolfman 2: Lost count already?

Tamlin runs back where he came from, beer mug in hand.
Tamlin: Got to alert the gang...

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