Comic 114 - The scent of beer is carried on the wind

Posted on 24th Mar 2017, 8:03 PM in Alcydia
The scent of beer is carried on the wind
Tamlin walks on, determined.
Tamlin (thinks): I don't buy it! I'll bet they're hiding the beer somewhere!

Tamlin looks into a window. Inside, vikings are passed out.
Tamlin (thinks): Nope...

Tamlin looks into another window. Inside, a woman is knitting while her baby is in a crib swigging Svartdaudir.
Tamlin (thinks): Nope...

Tamlin walks into a blizzard.
Tamlin (thinks): Another storm! As if I wasn't miserable already!

Tamlin looks up, wide-eyed.
Tamlin (thinks): But... but... that smell!

Tamlin picks up speed. Two vikings look on.
Tamlin: That gust carried with it the scent of beer!

Viking 1: That foreigner is heading straight for Manslaughter Pass!
Viking 2: Running to a certain death with a smile on his lips. Perhaps they're not such weenies after all...

In a house in Manslaughter Pass, some wolfmen are gathered inside. One of them holds up a large mug of beer.
Wolfman 1: Patatatrol repopopoporting... all clear.
Wolfman 2: Urgh! It's been DAYS since we got to kill anyone!
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