Comic 11 - Secret entrance!

Posted on 11th Oct 2015, 5:01 PM in The Double
Secret entrance!
Tapper and Ioannes run through an alley.
Ioannes: Pant! Puff!
Tapper: Ow! This is stupid! We're running around blindly!
Ioannes: Hmm. Not so.
Ioannes: We are there!
Tapper: Where?
Ioannes: At the entrance to the Undercity! The Undercity, her magical majesty the Witch Queen's palace, has hundreds of secret entrances!
Tapper: Everyone knows that!
Ioannes: This palace is a city beneath the city, a self-contained society housing courtiers, servants, guards...
Tapper: Everyone knows that! Well? How do we get in?
Ioannes: No one knows that.
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