Comic 106 - My staff stands at your disposal, fair maiden!

Posted on 16th Mar 2017, 9:12 PM in Alcydia
My staff stands at your disposal, fair maiden!
In the main hall of the embassy, the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan sit drinking and smoking. Krakatoa confers with Fieffelfalsfaffel about it.
Krakatoa: ...consumed 24 barrels of beer, 800 pounds of beef, a stack of cheese and one box of Queen Witch chocolates. Our stores are empty! Isn't it time we put these loafers to work?

Fieffelfalsfaffel: Miss Kra! These are noble, hard-fighting knights! They deserve the best!

Fieffelfalsfaffel approaches Ragnarok and kisses her hand. Ragnarok seems pleased with the attention.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Ah, fair maid! The sight of your beauty stirs my ma- my muse! If you need anything, my staff stands at your disposal! Your wish is my love, er, law. Let's withdraw to my chambers to make, er, plans!

Fieffelfalsfaffel turns to Krakatoa.
Miss Kra, see to it that the stores are replenished. Lively now! The knights are waiting! Chop chop!

Krakatoa: That man should have his mouth fitted with a chastity belt!
Tamlin: Huh? Wha?

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