Comic 105 - Surrounded by incompetents

Posted on 15th Mar 2017, 8:57 PM in Alcydia
Surrounded by incompetents
To Alcydia's distress, it turns out that the wolfmen are badly injured.
Wolfman 1: O terrible mistress! The mission failed. We were betrayed and ambushed!
Wolfman 2: Whimper!

Alcydia: Furbrains! Walking flea-farms! AAARGH! I am surrounded by incompetents! This will not do! I'll have to reorganize and tighten control! No more Miss Nice Countess! I'm going to make an example of you two!
You get the chop!
Wolfman 1: No!
Wolfman 2: Mercy!

The two wolfmen get dragged away by wolfman executioners.
Alcydia: Von Fieffelfalsfaffel is a bumbling dolt, but he has a regrettable habit of stepping in my piano. We need a battle plan.

Alcydia shows a map to her top henchmen.
Alcydia: We are now on Defcon 4. Covert operations will be stepped up, the troops will be whipped into battle readiness!

Off-panel, an axe falls.
Alcydia: The Baron will get the surprise of his life!
SFX: Chop!

An executioner offers the wolfmen's tails to Alcydia.
Executioner: The tails, oh mistress!
Alcydia: Put them on stakes as a warning to others.
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