Comic 104 - Ghastly cries of pain rip the night to shreds.

Posted on 14th Mar 2017, 8:35 PM in Alcydia
Ghastly cries of pain rip the night to shreds.
Outside of the castle from Page 1.
Caption: Meanwhile, in Alcydia's dark and sinister castle, ghastly cries of pain rend the night asunder...
Ghastly cry of pain: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Inside, Alcydia is on the operating table in a hospital gown. She is shaking her hand, having just punched a wolfman in the face.
Alcydia: Cur! How dare you tickle your mistress?
Wolfman: Just painting the 'cut here' line, ma'am!
Spy wolfman (off-panel): Ahem...

The spy wolfman offers a scroll.
Spy wolfman: Report on the Queen's new ambassador, your horrificness!
Alcydia: So, who did the old prune send?

Alcydia reads the scroll, dismayed.
Frankenstein: Alles klar, Frau Gravin!
Alcydia: The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel!

Alcydia walks out of the operating room.
Alcydia: The transplant is postponed. My old nemesis Fieffelfalsfaffel must be dealt with first!

Spy wolfman: I've sent agents to kidnap a member of the embassy staff. That should produce some information.
Alcydia: Dust off the XXL rack and have my No. 4 whip cleaned.

A noise alerts Alcydia and the spy wolfman.
Spy wolfman: There they are!
Alcydia: Outstanding! They've already softened up their subject!
Voices from outside: Oooh! Howl!
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