Comic 103 - Fight!

Posted on 13th Mar 2017, 8:20 PM in Alcydia
Krakatoa fights off two wolfmen. In the distance, new people arrive.

Krakatoa is almost done with the wolfmen, but the new people still offer help.
Atra: Need any help with that?
Krakatoa: Yes, please!

Tamlin gives one of the wolfmen a righteous ass-kicking:
Atra: What was that all about?
Krakatoa: Saturday night in Hicksville, I guess.

Atra: We're here from Clwyd-Rhan, and...
Krakatoa: Really? My boss has been expecting you... or something like you!

Krakatoa walks towards the door with the whole group.
Atra: You work for the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel?
Krakatoa: Yes, ma'am!

The group walks in the door. Ragnarok gets ahead of herself.
Ragnarok: Good evening. I am Ragnarok, and-

Everyone flees, to Ragnarok's consternation.

Ragnarok: ... and I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly.
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